Prayer Letter

January 2019

1, 2, & 3 – Johnny and Annette announced their retirement last month. Although there will be sadness in parting with our dear friends here, please pray that the next year will be filled with opportunities to share the gospel and help train disciples in the Zlín church. 

4, 5, & 6 – Thank you for praying for the Ladies’ day in November. We are praising God that one of the unchurched women who attended was very moved by the gospel talk, and has since attended church with her husband. Pray that the Lord would continue his work in that family.

7, 8, & 9 – Please continue to praise God for Viki Drapalova. She is a walking miracle. Pray that the most recent annual medical exam she received will bring good news for her and her future. Pray for her to continue to grow in her faith.

10, 11, & 12 – We are giving thanks for the Thanksgiving lunch and dinner we shared with Miriam’s neighbors. She hosted two different groups, on different days, due some scheduling conflicts. One of those families was pretty skeptical when Miriam started to pray before the meal. Please pray for softened hearts for them.

13, 14, & 15 – We have been very encouraged by the initial meetings of our new men’s group. We are thankful that the Lord has encouraged several of our men from the Zlín church to attend in order to discuss the previous week’s sermon and to pray. Pleas pray for these men to grow in their faith. 
16, 17, & 18 – Thank you for praying for the Christmas party. There were a number of unchurched families who attended this year and we are so grateful. Pray that this will open the door for future friendships to develop.

19, 20, & 21 – Please continue to pray with us for Madeline Edwards as she seeks to raise support for a one-year internship. We are thankful for what the Lord has already provided, but she still needs to raise more than half of her monthly support.

22, 23, & 24 – Please give thanks with us for the excellent MTW Europe leadership conference we attended in November. The Lord brought a spirit of unity and encouragement to this meeting, unlike any other we’ve attended.

25, 26, & 27 – Please pray with us that the Lord will provide two mature young women for our summer internship this year. Pray that they will sense God’s call to come serve with us and that he would bless them with tremendous growth in grace.

28, 29, 30, & 31 – Please pray with us for our church retreat this weekend. The elders have approved some teaching on Christian financial principles and money management. Pray that the Lord will use these teachings in the life of the church here.

February 2019

1, 2, & 3 – Please pray with us for our friend Luděk. Even as he continues to struggle with depression, his faith is growing. Pray for stability for him, for a good job, and for his counselors to guide him wisely.

4, 5, & 6 – Miriam and Evan are seeking for a new field of service with MTW. Please pray with us as they consider several options. Pray that they, and the whole MTW Czech team, will be very wise in how they spend their time over the next year; and that they will leave the Zlín church in an excellent position for effective gospel ministry in the future.

7, 8, & 9 – Please pray with us for the Europe-wide women’s retreat next week. Pray for refreshment and sweet fellowship during this week for all of the women who work with MTW. Pray for traveling mercies.

10, 11, & 12 – Please give thanks with us for the many ways we have seen the Lord’s work in our little congregation. He has blessed us with growth among our leaders, among our young people, and with a large group of teens and children who are presently in a communicants’ class.

13, 14, & 15 – Please continue to pray with us for the families in our church. There are many temptations in this culture to substitute good things for the best thing.

16, 17, & 18 – Please continue to pray with us that the Lord would raise up and new leaders among our congregation and bring them to maturity in Christ. We have been very encouraged by what He has done over the past few years, but long to see even more growth in this area.

19, 20, & 21 – Please pray with us as we work to finalize the Sunday school lessons for the church. With the guidance of the Czech leaders, we have a curriculum plan that will take a child from pre-school age through his middle school years. We need to finish the translation and formatting work on many more lessons to complete this ambitious plan.

22, 23, & 24 – Miriam and Evan will be away this week at an educational conference for missionary children. Please pray with us that Evan will be blessed and helped as he attends the classes they offer. Pray that Miriam will grow in her understanding of how to best educate Evan while they live in Europe.

25, 26, 27, & 28 – Please pray with us for Daniela and Eliška as they will be taking their high school graduation exams this year. Pray that the Lord will guide them into the careers and places of service he has prepared for them. Pray that they will continue to serve Christ’s church in this country.

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