Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Great to be Home for Christmas

We have been in the United States for one month today.  In that short space, we have enjoyed Thanksgiving with our family, visited with Christ Community Church in Frisco, Texas, reported to Mt. Hebron Baptist in Leeds, Alabama, and made a trip to the MTW home office in Atlanta.  We really enjoyed seeing our friends at each of these stops, and all along the way.  Worshipping God in English has been especially delightful for us.
We are now happily settled into our "semi-permanent" home in Birmingham for the duration of our time in the US.  Dear friends have provided generously for us at every turn. 

Christ has blessed us with his presence in many ways.  As we turn to thoughts of his incarnation, we are humbled to think of his truly amazing cross cultural transition in coming to earth - into the depths of our evil world - and embracing our sorrows, even dying for them.