Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Sweet Treat ~ Erin’s Visit

What a sweet treat for Johnny and I to have our daughter Erin visit with us for two weeks in May. We picked her up in Vienna on a Tuesday morning and soon after settled into a nice coffee, chocolate and sandwich shop for a little needed caffeine-picker-upper. We did many of our normal life activities while she was with us; Wednesday evening prayer group, Sunday evening worship, and Czech lessons. We spent time just being together, seeing some of the local sites and visiting with friends.  

One afternoon we went to one of the small villages just down the road, about 10 kilometers away. The town is home to a glass factory, and the famous Czech slivovice factory. We did not visit the slivovice factory! There are also several small shops with handcrafted Czech items.

Our Czech teacher, Jana took us to the Shoe museum that is here in Zlin. There is quite a large collection of shoes from all over the world. Some shoes that neither you nor I would ever wish to wear! Many seemed to be almost in style even though they were decades old. You know they say fashion repeats itself. Solomon himself said that there is nothing new under the sun. I’m not sure that he was referring to shoes, although it fits….