Sunday, February 7, 2010

Church and a Little Language

First I feel like we should apologize for not posting this past week. So please forgive us. We really want to keep you updated on the situation here, but time and tiredness seem to have ruled the week.

This past Sunday was a full day for us as we began our day with worship at Saint Andrews, the church we were assigned to work with when we first arrived. It has been a real joy to be with the pastor, Andrew Gardner and the congregation. They are so very warm and welcoming. We feel like we have made many new friends from all over the world here. The worship at St Andrews is very traditional, but not staid. There seems to be a sense of joie de vivre riding just under the surface. We have loved our time with this warm and welcoming body.

The Church of Saint Andrews

We stayed in Brussels after worshiping with St Andrews to go to yet another service. This one meets in the downstairs hall gathering of Saint Andrews and has an all together different tone. The Ghanaian church is made up of people, as you would expect, from Ghana. This service was also traditional, but not as we would know it, it was traditional Ghanaian. The service was lively, loud, and Worshipful - Rejoicing in our great and glorious God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thought we might be in trouble early in the service when one of the Elders stood up and invited the congregation to dance like David did, until his clothes fell off! Fortunately, all stayed on the clothing, and all the dancing was honoring, just another way of worshiping the Lord.

Dancing Before the Lord at the Ghanaian Chruch

I did find that Ghanaians are a lot like Alabamians in their love of and support for their football team. Their service was over early (it lasted from 2:30-5:00) so the members could go home early and watch The Game.

On Friday we finished our week or language learning techniques. It was a full, busy, brain stretching, yet extremely encouraging week. We were given many ways of learning languages and even spent two mornings practicing the techniques in Farsi (the language spoken in Iran). We were blessed to have two Iranian Christians come work with us. It was such a joy to meet them.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us.

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