Sunday, August 2, 2015

God is Building His Church

Last Sunday we had the privilege of listening to the testimonies of our newest church members, and then hearing them take the vows of membership. The four young women pictured here are now communing members of the Reformed Church of Zlin. What a blessing!!  

A Good Day in Vienna

Because we applied too late for an extension of our old visas, we had to travel out of the country to the Czech embassy in Vienna and start the application process all over. It was a mad scramble to gather all the needed paperwork and make an appointment, but our applications were accepted last week! Thank you for praying!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Place, Same Hope

The Penzion at which we have held our English camps for the past 10 years closed last fall, forcing us to seek out a new place for this year’s camp. We were led to the Hotel Kyčerka in the mountains east of Zlín. We were sad to leave our old, familiar place, but God knew that we needed to move to something larger. Last year, we had about 70 students and staff combined; this year we have over 100. 

We want our students to hear about Christ in our lessons, see Christ in our service and love to them, and be drawn to him. Our hope is for God’s kingdom to grow. Please pray with us for this joyful result.