Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Amazing Beauty

We have often been amazed at how beautiful the Czech Republic is. One of the most beautiful sights here is a rapeseed field in full bloom. Every spring the flowers begin to show up in April and the farmers start plowing and planting. In early May the rapeseed fields begin to bloom with a yellow flower so vivid it seems phosphorescent. The color is so brilliant that it’s almost blinding to look at these fields in full sunlight. It’s one of our little delights each year to see the return of this crop.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Conference and Community

Last month our whole team was privileged to attend an Acts 29 conference in Rome. We were really encouraged by the gospel-centered preaching and by the fellowship with pastors and missionaries from around Europe. Our discussion group included a Hungarian pastor and his wife. It was so interesting to learn from their perspective about ministry in former communist countries. We were all refreshed and energized by our time there.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Northern Sights

We recently returned from a very restful vacation in Norway. It may sound crazy to travel north in winter for a rest, but that’s what we did. We were blessed to see the northern lights (the picture nearby is not one of ours), which are amazing. Due to reduced solar activity, the few glimpses we saw were fleeting and faint. We visited North Cape, Norway only 1,300 miles from the North Pole, and probably the most desolate looking place we have ever seen. Norway, especially the mountainous fjords and incredible river valleys, is a place we’d like to revisit in the spring.