Prayer Letter

January 2017

1, 2, & 3 – Our pastor will begin to preach on I Peter in January. Please pray with us that God will use this sermon series to build up the church, to bring all of us to greater maturity in Christ, and to encourage us to live out the Gospel in our daily lives.

4, 5, & 6 – Please give thanks with us for the Lord’s work in our Ladies’ Day last November. Sixteen women attended, and there was a good mix of believers and non-believers present. Annette was able to clearly present the Gospel. We’re hopeful that the Spirit will apply it to the hearts of those who were there.

7, 8, & 9 – Please pray with us for God to reunite our team. At this writing, Kevin and Jan are still in the States awaiting word on their visa applications. We really want all of our team present as we begin the work of the New Year. So, the Rutledges need those visas.

10, 11, & 12 – Please give thanks with us for the Thanksgiving dinner the Johnsons enjoyed with their neighbors. God used that time to strengthen our relationships with these friends. Please pray with us for their conversion.

13, 14, & 15 – We are thankful for the encouraging response we received to our fall Bible studies in Zlin. The attendance varied from about six up to twenty over the course of the fall months. When we asked about renewing the study in the winter quarter, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Please pray that the Lord will use this study as a way to train future leaders.

16, 17, & 18 – Please pray with us for Evan as he starts the New Year at school. Pray for a smooth transition from the homeschooling he has done in November and December to the regular classroom environment of his Czech elementary school.

19, 20, & 21 – Please pray with us as we resume our one-on-one discipleship ministry in the church. God has richly blessed our times of study and prayer over the past year and we would hope for an increase in growth and maturity in the year ahead.

22, 23, & 24 – Please pray with us for the teen discipleship group that will be starting this month. Pray for the young women in our church who have asked for this group to begin. Pray for leaders to be raised up in this group and for ministry to flow out of it.

25, 26, & 27 – Give thanks with us for God’s blessings on our Christmas party. Many of our friends from the community and the church joined us and enjoyed one another’s company.

28, 29, 30 & 31 – We are seeking for a couple to join us for our annual Boy’s and Girl’s week. Please pray with us that the Lord will bring mature Christians to lead this time of intensive discipleship.

February 2017

1, 2, & 3 – Please pray with us for two young women to join our team as summer interns this year. We have truly been blessed by the women with whom we have had the privilege of serving these past few years. We look forward each year to the new interns.

4, 5, & 6 – Please pray for Kevin and Jan as they seek for their places of ministry. Pray for discernment for them and for the team as a whole. There is much work to do here, so we want to see God use them in a place where the need is greatest.

7, 8, & 9 – Please give thanks with us for the good visit the Johnsons enjoyed with Mirka over the Christmas holidays. God allowed us to have some wonderful conversations and some relaxing moments in her home.

10, 11, & 12 – Please pray with us for strength and joy during the long winter months. The days here are quite cold and often dark. Pray that we will keep our focus on Christ and the joy that is in him.

13, 14, & 15 – Please pray with us for Kevin and Jan’s landlords. The Rutledge’s relationship with this family is growing. We want to see them coming into the fellowship of our church and into the kingdom of Christ.

16, 17, & 18 – Please pray with us for God to raise up leaders in every area of our little church. We need men who can serve as elders and deacons, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, women’s ministry leaders, and more.

19, 20, & 21 – There is a family in our church considering a move. Please pray that they would have wisdom in choosing where to go. We would love to see them move closer to Zlin.

22, 23, & 24 – Please pray with us for the unbelievers who regularly attend our worship services. Pray that the Word will pierce their hearts, that the love and fellowship of the saints will soften them, and that they will come to Christ this year.

25, 26, 27, & 28 – The Johnsons hope to visit their family during this month. Please pray for their travels and safe return.

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