Christmas 2017

Dear Friends,
No matter where you live or what your personal outlook may be, you will probably agree that this past year has been one of enormous turmoil. One of the most dominant features of the chaos has been that people everywhere want power. Tyrants want things under their control badly enough that they are willing to kill their own people and drive millions away from their homes as refugees. Politicians and cultural power brokers yell at us from our televisions and computer screens hoping to persuade us to their party or their perspective. Students on university campuses, friends on Facebook, and even brothers in churches yell at one another hoping that their views will dominate. If I’m honest, I must admit that it’s not just “those horrible people out there” who are interested in gaining power. I am, too. What would happen if I was willing to move away from my desire for power and enter into the struggles of the ones who oppose me? What if I became willing to take their pain, their brokenness, and their fears as mine? Would that change anything?

The Christmas story answers this question. Jesus wasn’t merely a person holding some power, he was the power. Certainly in his birth, but throughout his whole life as well, he moved away from power and toward our weakness. Isaiah writes that he took our sickness and our pain upon himself – entered our struggles and identified with us so much that he became one of us. This Christmas, I am inclined to agree with those who say that the greatest of all mysteries is not the Trinity or the resurrection, but Jesus’ incarnation. It changed everything.

Thank you for your kindness and support in our time of grief following the death of Johnny’s mother. Please pray with us for these things:

  • ·         We will return to Czech right after the New year and quickly enter into the ministries we left a few months back
  • ·         We are hoping for final approval for Madeline Edwards and for her arrival in Zlin next summer
  • ·         We are thankful for our time in the States, especially time with our family
May the Lord draw near to you and your family and give you joy this Christmas,

Johnny and Annette

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