March 2018

Dear Friends,

We have been truly encouraged in the past couple of months by what we see the Lord doing in our little church in Zlin. Just a few weeks ago we held our first teacher training day. When we offered an agenda for the day, our Czech leaders thanked us, but told us they had other subjects they would rather present to the teachers. We did not feel rejected in the least; rather, we were very encouraged that they were taking the lead! We attended the meeting, but our pastor and the new Sunday school superintendent led all the discussions and presented their ideas. Another amazing fact was that half of the teachers who came to the meeting were teens from our church who want to serve God’s kingdom by teaching our children. The whole day was evidence of God’s handiwork among the members of our church. 

Our Friday evening Bible studies have started again, but with an important difference – some of them will be taught by Czechs. We are hopeful that by next fall these studies will be consistently led by Czechs and that we will be in a supporting role.
The elders have renewed their interest in home visitation this year. The first family we visited was such a delight. Seeing God’s work in the hearts and lives of his people is one of the very best parts of an elder’s work.

We were overjoyed last month when the first copies of the Jesus Storybook Bible Sunday School Curriculum finally arrived. The original printing of the Bible has sold very well and we are convinced that the Sunday school curriculum will be a valuable addition. In addition to this curriculum, we helped publish a book on Islam by Dr. Christine Schirrmacher.  

Thank you for your faithful support and for your prayers. Here are a few things we would ask you to lift up before God’s throne:
·         That God would raise up the workers He wants to use in our English camp this summer
·         For Madeline Edwards as she raises her support to join us for a two-year internship
·         For peace and wisdom in planning for our summer activities

Grace and peace to all,

Johnny and Annette

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