Monday, April 20, 2015

The Jesus Storybook Bible

We are excited to let you know that the Czech language version of The Jesus Storybook Bible is now being offered for sale in the Czech Republic.  You can buy your own copy HERE

The initial response of our Czech publisher at Návrat Domů was pretty skeptical. He told us that there were already a number of Czech children’s Bibles in circulation and another, expensive version was not really needed.  When we explained to him that we also wanted to publish the associated Sunday school curriculum, he warmed to the idea a bit. Once he saw the Bible in print, his reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Below are excerpts from a few of his recent email messages:

“I read this book. I think that it is excellent, deeper than the books for the kids which were published here [The Czech Republic]. I´ll show it to the leaders of our church.”

“We started with the sale of Jesus Storybook Bible. It is a wonderful book. Yesterday I spoke with our pastor. He was surprised and satisfied that we published this title. He told me that this title is recommended by Timothy Keller. … I think that the way to the people in our church is opened.”

We have found it is often the case that our Czech friends, even those who are fluent English speakers, are much more powerfully affected by reading things in their heart language. Please pray with us that the Lord will use this simple, but powerful children’s Bible to open many thousands of hearts here.

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