Monday, January 27, 2014

A New Cultural Experience

Something that has become very obvious to us is this: even if we lived in the Czech Republic for the next 50 years, we would not ever truly become Czechs.  Your culture is something that you learn, at least in part.  But far more of what we “know” from our culture is simply absorbed in everyday life as we grow up.  Going to balls was never a part of our cultural experience as children, or as adults.  We had no reference for this very common aspect of Czech culture – until very recently.  

We were invited to attend a rather small ball in a village about 30 miles from our city.  There was a live band, lots of excellent food, and a huge helping of time together with friends.  One thing we have learned about our new culture is that people here truly value time spent together - the longer, the better.  A ball provides a great opportunity to be with those you care about.  And we enjoyed the ball for that reason more than any other.   

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