Monday, October 1, 2012

Communicant's Class

Something very encouraging has started in the past few weeks: our church is holding its first ever communicant’s class.  Several of the older children in Sunday School have recently expressed a desire to join the church.  The elders discussed this and decided to offer a special series of classes to prepare them for membership.  As word of these classes began to spread (this doesn’t take long in a congregation of 40 people), several adults and some teens asked if they could be included.  The result is that we now have two different groups with about six or seven in each group!  The picture in this post shows the group of adults and teens. 

We are very encouraged about these classes and our students are as well.  Class time has been primarily devoted to discussion and the exchanges have been lively and meaningful.  Please praise God with us that he has brought us so many who want to make a public profession of their faith!

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