Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Day, Ancient Joy

We are in the third day of English Camp and we are enjoying the old friends and new class schedule very much.  The theme for this year's camp has been relationships.  On Sunday, we heard a sermon about the age-old call of God to join him in his joy.  We have discussed how sin ruins relationships of all kinds.  We are trying to help our students understand how to apply the gospel to the brokenness of their relationships and their hearts.  It's a huge task to teach someone else to do something that you struggle to do personally.

One of the great temptations in my life is to pretend that I have it all together, because I am a Christian.  I think most people can see through that pretty quickly - because the truth is that I DON'T have it together.  Although it's humbling to admit that I still struggle with sin - repeating the same sins, failing regularly - it connects me more closely to those who struggle in the same way, but without the joy of knowing Christ.

Please pray with us that we will make those new connections, that others may yearn for a personal connection with God, and that they may find the joy we have found.

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