Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer is Past, A New Season is on the Way

There are not really too many hot days here, even in the “heat” of the summer.  The crisp morning air over the past few days has hinted that there won’t be any more hot weather for the next six or seven months.  The days are shortening dramatically, too.

So, what’s coming next?  Fall, of course – it’s one of our favorite seasons.  But what else is on the way?  Hmmm… We have fall and winter plans that include helping with a morning mom’s group, teaching Czech church leaders, leading bible studies, hosting prayer groups, starting one or more small groups in homes, meeting with people to do one-on-one Bible reading, publishing a book, and more.  Will God show up in any of these things?  We sure hope so.  As much as we have thought and prayed about these plans, the real power needed to move hearts toward Christ is supernatural power.

So, we need you to keep praying with us that God would either further these plans and ideas or show us where he wants us to be working.  Thank you for all the ways you do pray for us.  We believe the Lord hears.

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