Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is Here!!!

We have noticed in the last week or two that the birds are back.  We’re not sure where they went, but they have returned with sweet songs that lift our hearts as we walk through the park or sit at home in our office studying.  There are other signs of spring’s return that are all over Zlín.  The daffodils are blooming, along with the forsythia.  The saucer and star magnolia trees have burst forth abundantly displaying their pink and white flowers.  We have gone out to sniff them all, enjoying not only the smell but also the beauty of them. They are lovely reminder that the dark days of winter are over and new life has come.  The glory of God’s spring brings hope and light to the eyes, heart, and soul. It reminds us too, of the ultimate resurrection that is in Jesus Christ, for He has brought us from death to life, an abundant life.  We feel somewhat like the Pevensie children and all the good creatures in Narnia when at last the long season of winter was over.  The darkness of winter (and never Christmas) issued forth into the glorious days of light and the joy of the coming King.  

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