Monday, January 3, 2011

The Weatherman Says…

The Road to Vysoké Pole
 The picture on the top right shows a lovely mountain road scene in winter. We’re not too sure, but would guess that the cumulative total of all the snow we had experienced prior to living in Zlín was around 30 inches. A few more inches of snow here this winter and we will have experienced more snow in a couple of months than we had seen in all of our lives prior to moving here. The other picture in this post shows the view from our balcony this afternoon - a day that was predicted to be a “clear” day.

Having lived in Alabama for most of our lives, we realize that weather predictions must be carefully interpreted in order to be properly understood. For instance, if a certain Birmingham-based weatherman – who will remain safely anonymous in this post - uses the “s” word in his forecast, it means that you’d better get your boots on and boogie over to the local grocery store if you ever want to eat bread or drink milk again. Based on this knowledge, and a few months of interpreting the local forecasts here, we offer the following interpretations of Zlín weather predictions:

Clear – Enjoy your 60 minutes of sunshine

Partly Cloudy – Enjoy your 20 minutes of sunshine

A "Clear" Day
 Trace Amounts of Precipitation – Anything from one flake to 6 inches

30 cm of snow – Prepare for a new Ice Age

Cold – If you stay outside for more than 30 minutes, your nose will be an icicle

Very Cold – Your nose will freeze and fall off before you get to your car

We hope your New Year is blessed,

Johnny and Annette

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  1. Your top picture is simply gorgeous! I can't imagine all of the snow y'all are seeing. Stay warm and thanks for the update! I'm praying for y'all. :)