Sunday, October 10, 2010

Changes in Latitude

We awoke this morning to the first light frost of the fall season - just another reminder that we're in a very different place!  I checked the weather for Birmingham and the predicted high for this afternoon is 90° F; we'll make it to 56° F here, if the sun stays out all day.  On the street, we already see heavy coats, scarves, hats, and boots.  It looks like most folks here have closets full - ummmm.... make that wardrobes full, there's no such thing as a closet here - of serious winter gear.  There are a few homeless people living in Zlín.  We see them hanging around the bus terminal and in the parks.  The winters here must be very harsh for them.

In God's good providence, we have some pretty serious winter gear ourselves.  From the looks of things, we'll get to use it soon.

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