Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

This week's team is made up of folks from several different churches~
David and Stacy and their daughters,  
Eric and Denisa and their children are from North Shore in Chattanooga.
Dean, Leigh and Tina from StoneBridge in Charlotte,
Sandy from King's Chapel in Carrollton,
Pattie, Ruth, Jared and Robbie from our home church Faith in Birmingham.
It is a blessing to pray and worship with them as we see their labor of love for our dear Czech friends. 

We can tell you guys are praying for us! We are excited to wake up on Monday morning!! We have had several encouraging discussions with the campers who are attending the second week of camp. Many of the campers who are here this week have been attending MTW-sponsored English camps for eight or nine years. Some of them have made a lot of progress toward Christ. The most amazing thing to us (and to the Czechs as well) is the transparency and love that characterize the conversations.

Last night, we had a two hour discussion of forgiveness and the problem of evil. Even though our opinions about these things differed sharply, the discussion concluded with expressions of respect and concern for everyone. This morning, Johnny greeted one man who had brought some of the most difficult questions into the discussion last night; he expressed great delight in the openness and respect he was shown. We think he is seeking answers to some of life’s most troubling issues – and that he purposefully came to this Christian sponsored camp to continue his search.

It is such a privilege for us to be able to be your hands and feet.

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