Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amazing Answers to Our Prayers!

Many of you have been praying about our visa situation.  Thank you!!  We wanted to give you a brief update on what's been happening.

We have prayed specifically that Sid Anderson would find someone helpful and kind when he went to the Labor Office in Zlin. We received an email last week from Sid saying he had gone to the Labor Office on Tuesday only to find it was closed. As he pondered his next move, a lady came up to the heavy glass door and began to talk to him. When he motioned that he couldn't hear what she was saying, she opened the door and let him into the office. After hearing his explanation of what he needed, she took him to someone who "just happened" to be in the closed office. They assured him that the recent ruling by the Czech Labor Minister, a ruling that no new work permits would be issued to non-EU citizens, would not be an issue in our case. They gave him the correct forms to fill out to post our job, and promised to help him with the remainder of the process when he returns this week. The Lord was definitely with Sid, and he heard our prayers!

Thank you Lord!!!

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