Monday, January 11, 2010

We are Off! Well, Almost.

Well, we are off, sort of. The bags are packed . . . and unpacked . . . and packed again as we went through the check in process. We sort of wondered why we bothered to get dressed before we arrived, but, oh well. We are now sitting in the Birmingham airport waiting for our plane to Atlanta and then on to Brussels.

As we are set to leave our hearts are swelling, full of emotion, and our eyes fill with tears at the thought of you. We feel so loved and blessed by you. Thank you for the many prayers and notes of love and encouragement you have sent. We are overwhelmed. In you we see the true love and beauty of the Church displayed. John wrote to saying that we should love one another. You have loved us well. We are so blessed that you would love us and support this call of God upon our lives through your prayers and gifts.

Oh, that we could take every one of you with us. That would be our joy! In a very real sense, we are taking you with us. Paul said that he and his supporters were workers together for the joy of the church; and so we, through you, have been given the privilege of working with you for your eternal joy.

Thank you for giving us the joy of going. In a very real sense our hearts break at the going and yet at the same time we are filled with the hope and anticipation of all that we look forward to seeing God do in the days, weeks and years ahead - all to the praise of His glorious grace and our (yours and ours) great joy.