Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zlín Part I

Pictures of Zlin from the top of the 21 Building.

We have just left our new adopted home town of Zlín. We are traveling by train to Bechynĕ to visit with one of our dear friends from camp, Mirka.

We arrived in Zlín on Saturday after camp, tired yet full of hope for all that God will do in the hearts of our dear friends, old and new. Sunday worship was a bit different for us, in that the sermon was in Czech with no translation, as you would expect. But, that gives us all the more incentive to quickly learn to at least understand Czech, if not to speak it. Sid was very gracious to give us the songs the church sings on a CD. We hope to work through them, translating and learning, so that when we arrive we will at least be able to worship through song with some comprehension. Johnny is so far ahead of me in this area. But we both have so much to learn and are grateful that God enables us to learn more every day.

The Zlin Worship Team

Lunch after Church

We spent several days of our Zlín days enjoying time with Hans, Gretchen, Sid and Louise. They are probably tired of all of our questions, but are so gracious in answering and helping with everything. We all seem to be anticipating the joy of working together, watching God move and work in the hearts of His people. We live with great expectation because God is at work continually. What a privilege it is for us to come along beside these precious people who exemplify the sweet grace of Christ in every way.

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